Christian Education

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Balancing Bible Study and Spiritual Disciplines

Bible Digest Notebook

Bible Digest PowerPoint Presentation

Christian Education Goals and Objectives with a Focus on Level III Objectives: How to Be Sure Your Students Are Understanding and Doing What You Have Taught Them PowerPoint Presentation

Christian Education Ministry for the 21st Century and Beyond

Church Education Adult Curriculum

Curriculum at a Glance, Basic Program: Children and Youth

Curriculum Development and Lesson Planning: For Teachers & for Teachers of Teachers.pdf

Curriculum Development and Lesson Planning Chart: Using the Taxonomy of Cognitive Objectives to Teach the Bible

Defusing Fear of Innovations: Facilitating Change in the Church PPT.pdf

Developmental Tasks in the Adult Life Cycle: Preparing for and Overcoming the Challenges of Each Stage of Life

Guidelines for an Effective Church Library Ministry

Joys in Spiritual Discipline

Lesson Planning and Evaluation: A-Discrepancy-Assessment-Model-for-Evaluation-of-Church-Education-Ministries.docx 

Psalm 121: Insights from Psalm 121

Teaching-Learning Methods for Ministry in the Church

Teaching-Learning Methods in Church Ministries–Using Level III Objectives

Three Domains of Human Learning

 A Select Glossary of and Commentary on Educational Terminology for Christian Education

Mentoring in Ministry

Modeling–Bible Passages on Modeling

Planning a College Education–Advice for Parents and their Children

Who Was the Real St. Valentine?

Additional Resources

Suggestions for Nurture of Believers by Jim Found

How the Church Expanded through the Ages                                                                    (A Brief Overview of Church History)

Satanism: The Little Girl Satanist Next Door

Satanism: The Occult and Satanism in America

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