Pastoral Care

Are You Looking for an Easy, Effective, and Enjoyable Way to Lose Weight? Here’s a Proven Method to Attain and Maintain Your Goal

Developmental Tasks in the Adult Life Cycle: Preparing for and Overcoming the Challenges of Each Stage of Life

Guidelines for Selecting a Marriage Partner (Unabridged Version)

How to Be a Caring Christian Friend

How to Sense God’s Presence and Commune with Him: Never Be Lonely

Is Cohabitation an Option for God’s People–Or for Anyone Else?

Is Divorce Harmful to Children?

Managing and Overcoming Grief: By God’s Word and Prayer without Ceasing

Managing Grief: Thanking God in and for Everything (Video)

Mentoring in Ministry

Sermon: “Why Are Sexual Sins So Significant?”

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Materials from Other Authors:

Notes on Same-Sex ”Marriage” and Homosexual Behavior, by Pastor Al Schroeder

Pastoral Care Course Plan, by Pastor Al Schroeder

Time to Celebrate the Family, by Rev. Al Schroeder

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